Reaching New Heights in Dubai and Overlooking the World from Up High
People in Dubai have focused a lot on the exceptional architecture of the buildings that are scattered throughout the city. Even if there are several examples of elegant buildings found elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates, the style and above all the magnitude of these spectacular places cannot easily be compared. This is why the height of the buildings and their modern style has been regarded as the centre of attraction for tourists from all over the world. It is a real treat for somebody to explore the details of such buildings that lay prominently above all the rest and reflect the attitude of the leaders of Dubai in the most eloquent manner.

The tallest building in Dubai so far is Burj Khalifa and it stretches up high to 828 meters. There are 163 floors for you to visit and of course there is an observatory, where you can admire the view and get stunned by what you see. Apparently, its style is the perfect mixture of modernity and traditional elements deriving from the Islamic culture, such as the minaret. As you might have guessed, Burj Khalifa holds the world record for its height. For something slightly smaller, there is the Princess Tower; a skyscraper like that is impressive and located in the Marina area of Dubai. There are 101 floors for you to explore in this case and its height is a little above 410 meters. Burj Al Arab is another wonderful building of amazing design that resembles science fiction movies and apparently looks like a sail. This is of course a world-renowned building, not only for its height that surpasses 320 meters. Indeed, this is the only 7 star luxury hotel that can be found in the world and therefore you can see that lavishness in this place is overwhelming. Burj Al Arab has been structured on an artificial island and you can relish stunning views of Jumeirah beach from one of its storeys.

These are just a few of the most famous and impressive buildings that you can admire in Dubai. Wealth and elegance go hand in hand and can conquer incredible achievements!